The Economist talks about Africa’s

The Economist talks about Africa’s wars in a juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern:

The outlook is best in Angola, where the government has won convincingly. After years in the bush, the rebels are sick of fighting, horribly malnourished and surrendering in their thousands in the hope of a few bowls of maize porridge and a pay packet in the regular army. The government is still corrupt and incompetent, but the absence of war has allowed trade to flow once more along Angola’s potholed roads, and thousands of families divided for decades by the fighting tearfully to reunite, sometimes on what is now Angola’s most popular reality-television show.

US backing of Savimbi’s UNITA may win out slightly over our backing of Mobutu in Congo as the most corrupt, evil, horrendous dictatorship we have ever supported. Of course, you’d also need to consider Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.