HOAs and Privatopia

In my continuing quest for world domination, I joined my homeowner association (HOA) board to help oversee the $1+ M construction project we’re undertaking to repair the rotted beams that were improperly sealed when the condominium was built 15 years ago (with a 10 year of statute of liability).

So, I was quite interested in this article on ‘privatopia’, and whether HOAs represent the end of the American Dream.

“Once the statute of limitations for suing the developer — usually one to three years — has expired, the association is on its own. Suddenly, roofs begin to leak, streets break down and the HOA realizes it needs to begin serious repairs.”

All true, although of course residential houses also tend to run into problems 15 years after construction. Especially when they are not well maintained.

‘Even when an HOA is well run and filled with great people, adds McKenzie, “it’s only one election away from a disaster.”‘ Also correct, but isn’t that also true for any democracy? Don’t all democracies get exactly the government they deserve?